LG Ally Review (Engadget)

Folks of Engadget got hold of LG Ally and they have posted a nice review of this QWERTY Android handset. Here are a quick look at how LG Ally fares in the review:

    • The Ally is well-balanced in the hand and weighs about what you’d expect a phone of this size, complexity, and thickness to weigh. At nearly 15mm thick, you won’t mistake it for the svelte Nexus One or CLIQ XT in your pocket — but then again, the Ally’s got a slide-out QWERTY keyboard that the others lack, and it’s basically the same thickness as its similarly-equipped Verizon stablemate, the Motorola Devour.

  • Speaking of the QWERTY slide, the Ally’s keyboard is a mixed bag (noticing a trend here?). We actually really liked the feel of the keys — and the spring-loaded slide mechanism itself feels about as solid as you could reasonably expect — but the layout isn’t among the better ones we’ve seen.
  • We’ve no serious complaints about the Ally’s audio. In fact, the monaural loudspeaker located toward the bottom of the back is crazy loud — there aren’t many phones in existence where you feel compelled to back off a notch or two from max volume when using the speakerphone function, but the Ally proudly makes that short list.
  • As for the camera… well, if you’re looking for a point-and-shoot camera replacement, you’ll need to look elsewhere.
  • there’s no perceptible benefit to LG’s Android skin, and because it is skinned, Android updates stand a greater risk of being delayed significantly (if they come at all). It’s a bizarre and unfortunate move that the average Ally buyer isn’t going to appreciate — or even think about, for that matter — walking into the store.
  • Socialite serves no discernible purpose. It’s a social aggregator, but it only handles Twitter and Facebook — both of which now integrate deeply with Android through official (and free) products — and the app’s widget takes up the entire fricking screen.
  • Staying shy of the magical $100 price point is key for a device in the category, and it’s a challenge that the Ally passes — but we couldn’t help but feel like we should still be able to expect more. Cheap doesn’t have to mean low quality.

Find the full Review Here.


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