Motorola reduces Android phone prices in India just after launch

Motorola India just issued press release stating that it has reduced the prices of Motorola Milestone XT720 and Motorola Backflip Android phones. Both these smartphone were recently launched in India.

The earlier maximum retail price of Milestone XT720 was Rs 34,990, but now it has been lowered to Rs. 27,490, with a little bargain, you can even get it cheaper.
Similarly for Motorola Backflip, earlier MRP was Rs 22,990, but now it will sell for Rs. 19,490.
We also have an update on the accessories front for both these phones. XT720 comes with an in-box 8GB memory card & HDMI cable for output to HDTV and Backflip will come with an in-box 2GB memory card.

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