Android Market 10 Billion Promo gives premium apps for just $0.10 (INR 5.13)

Google is celebrating 10 billion downloads in Android Market and it wants to include you too in these celebrations, so company has kicked off a ten day long promo offer. 10 Billion Promo will allow you to buy premium apps for just 10 cents or INR 5.13.

This ten day long promo will offer ten premium apps every day for flat $0.10 and these apps are likely to change daily, resulting in over 100 premium apps on offer across the next ten days for just INR 5.13. Today’s discounted premium apps include SoundHound, Asphalt 6, Swiftkey X, and Paper Camera.

So are you ready to grab some cool apps and games for chump change and how many of you made your first Android Market purchase as a part of this promo?

Source – 10 Billion Promo


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