Sony Ericsson Sync phase-out is close, starting using Google sync

If any of you were using Sony Ericsson’s sync service on your Android smartphone instead of Google’s then you better shift to Google. As previously announced, company is phasing out its Sync service and it will be completed on December 29, so you don’t have much time left, better hurry.

Company has provided instructions for a seamless transition to Google Sync on its website. Those of you don’t know about Sony Ericsson Sync, it gave users an option to easily synchronize their phone data (Contacts, Calendar, Bookmarks, and Notes) with the Sony Ericsson website over the air.

According to SE:

“We are phasing out Sony Ericsson Sync service since it was meant for old generation phones and our aim is to create a more enhanced and integrated smartphone experience for you. As an alternative to Sony Ericsson Sync service, we recommend you to use the Google Sync service for a more integrated experience in line with the favorite range of Google Mobile Services like Google Voice Search, Google Maps and YouTube.”


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