Amazon Kindle Fire 6.2.2 update rolling out now, breaks root (Updated with change-log)

Amazon has started rolling out 6.2.2 update for Kindle Fire. Update will get downloaded and installed on your device automatically, so you just have to wait for it to reach your device.

If you are one of the several with rooted Kindle Fire tablets, this update will break the root, but don’t worry BurritoRoot2 is here. You will need working ADB access to root you update Kindle Fire with BR2.

As Amazon has not changed its update page till now, there is no official change-log available. But according to reports, it brings full screen browsing to Silk.


This update enhances fluidity and performance, improves support for manually set up e-mail providers in the Email app, and offers a new full screen mode for viewing web pages.

To manually install the Kindle Fire 6.2.2 update, download the update from here. Put the downloaded file to kindleupdates folder on your Kindle Fire and go to Settings>Device>and click on Update your Kindle to start the process.

There is also a pre-rooted build of 6.2.2 available at XDA. If you have TWRP installed, you can directly install this build and don’t worry about rooting again.


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