Amazon Kindle Fire gets official MIUI port

MIUI US team has released the official port for Amazon Kindle Fire recently and surprisingly almost everything is working. There have been some reports for video problems but a fix has already been released, which is said to have solved that issue.

After CyanogenMOD 7 and CM9, we now have official MIUI port for Amazon’s popular Kindle Fire tablet. The current MIUI Kindle Fire port is based the release 1.12.29 (Android 2.3.7) and can be easily installed via TWRP touch recovery.

Installation process is pretty easy, all you have to do is put the downloaded ROM in SD, wipe data/cache and Flash the ROM ZIP and you are good to go. Google Apps come bundled with the ROM, so you don’t have to flash them separately.

To compensate for the absence of hardware or capacitive button, MIUI team has used Button Savior on the ROM. You can grab the download from

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