Apples sues Samsung for 'Slide to Unlock' in Galaxy Nexus

Since the day Apple was granted the Slide-to-unlock patent, everyone was expecting Apple to bring an onslaught of patent infringement lawsuits on Android device manufacturer because the most common unlock mechanisms used by Android devices fall under the broad slide-to-unlock patent awarded to Apple.

After suing Samsung and Motorola for slide-to-unlock in two different German courts, company has filed a new complaint against Galaxy Nexus for the same patent yesterday in Germany.  According to Apple, Samsung infringes its slide-to-unlock patent in Galaxy Nexus.

This lawsuit is even more significant for that fact that Galaxy Nexus is a pure Google device and a reference smartphone, in which Samsung has almost no-role with the software part. It is almost a direct attack towards Google.

Mannheim Regional Court, in which this lawsuit has been filed, will pronounce some kind of decision on March 16, 2012 in the case.

For Further reading and detailed analysis: Foss Patents



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