ICS debuts in Android platform distribution data, Gingerbread continues on top

The latest Android version distribution figures have been released by Google and there aren’t any surprises here. Ice Cream Sandwich has made its first appearance in the table with around 0.6%pc share of the total Android devices with Android Market installed.

FroYo and older versions’ share continues to go down, several of consumer with devices running on these version have her switched to a new device or FroYo devices have been upgraded to Gingerbread. Holiday sales have increased the Honeycomb tablets’ share but there is no significant improvement, which suggests tablets still have a long wait to go.

Gingerbread continues to be on the top and is expected to remain like that for a long time, as devices like Galaxy S, Desire that have big market share aren’t going to be updated any further along with entry-level phones.


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