One Laptop per Child (OLPC) announces $100 XO 3.0 Tablet (Updated with images)

US based non-profit organization OLPC has announced that it will showcase its much-speculated XO tablet at CES next week. Originally showed off over four year ago, XO tablet was supposed to go in production back in 2010, but was delayed due to reasons unknown to us, but it seems OLPC is finally ready.

Tablet is set to go in production soon after unveiling at CES, and is expected to be shipped to kids in developing countries. On paper it looks like a much better alternative to Indian government’s Akash tablet.

Edward McNierney, Chief Technology Officer of the organization said it will begin shipping to customers in March 2012, with more than 75,000 units already ordered by OLPC projects in Uruguay and Nicaragua.

Powered by Marvell’s Armada PXA618 SOC , XO 3.0 will come with 512MB RAM, 8-inch PixelQi display (LCD option also available) with 1024 x 768 resolution. It can run Android or company’s own Suger OS (customized Linux for kids). It is expected to be priced at $100 to keep it affordable for students around the globe.

Before you start asking, let me make it clear that OLPC products are sold in bulk to governments and are not available for individual purchases.

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