Waze 3.0 debuts in Android Market

Waze has launched version 3.0 of its popular social driving and navigation app today. The new version brings total UI overhaul, as well as Foursquare and Yelp integration. According to a press release issued today, Waze has now over 12 million users that actively report Traffic snarls, road conditions and other navigation related info in real-time.

From the press release:

New Minimalist UI: The new graphic redesign takes full advantage of Android phones’ screen size by minimizing the Waze interface to display only 2 large buttons on a full screen map. In addition, a new display of traffic and events en route helps drivers makes the smartest travel choices before they leave. The guidance system has also been amplified with large fonts and complete text-to-speech capabilities for optimized hands-free navigation — plus the new aesthetic gives the app a little more swagger and style.

The New Social Location Stack: Traditional GPS systems are built on static, old world maps and points of interest, which never reflect real-time information about new businesses, pop-up shops, or live local events. The new social eco-system provides a combination of consumer-generated data from people driving, checking in, and reviewing locations in real-time. This layer of social location information is now available to drivers in a navigation setting. With community-curated data from Waze, Foursquare, and Yelp, drivers can now search for real-time events as easily as they would find their local Walmart.

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