Leaked Galaxy S II Plus press shot is fake

Blogosphere is filled with stories about a leaked press shot of an upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone from Samsung. Sourced to mobile-review editor Eldar Murtazin, this image is a clear bad photoshop-ed version of White Samsung Galaxy S II.

While other blogs think that it might be the leaked Samsung Galaxy S II Plus, there are several clear flaws in this image that a known manufacturer will never make in a press shot.

  1. Date is wrong; it is from 2011 calender, why would a device being launched in 2012 have a date from 2011 on its home-screen.
  2. Even the calendar widget showing Mobile World Congress Keynote entry has date according to the 2011 calender. In 2012, 28 Feb is Tuesday not Thursday.
  3. Android Market Icon iss old, ICS has different Icon.
  4. Samsung will never have these ICS buttons as main capacitive buttons.. and their placement is all wrong, why all the space around them..

Someone has clearly done a bad photoshop job while designing this so-called leaked press shot and it is not Samsung. I am sure if Samsung launches Galaxy S II Plus at MWC, it will not look like this.


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