LG Optimus 4X HD coming to UK in June

Waiting to get your hands on brand new quad core Android Optimus 4X HD from LG, it might take a while. According to UK online retailer Clove, LG is planning to release Optimus 4X HD in UK this June. This gap between announcement and actual release might hurt LG pretty bad because HTC One X and Huawei’s Ascend D1 Quad phones will arrive much earlier in the market.

Clove has also revealed the pricing of the smartphone, which is set at £380 (£456 incl VAT). To remind you, LG Optimus 4X HD features a 1.5GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, Android 4.0, 4.7 inch 720p display, 8MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera and 16GB of internal storage.

Indian release is also expected shortly after UK. So, are you planning to wait for Optimus 4X HD or go for other quad core smartphone?

PS: UK consumers can pre-order Optimus 4X HD now at Clove.


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