Official Rypple Android app debuts in Android Market

Soon after being acquired by Salesforce, Rypple has announced the launch of its official Android app. This app allows managers and employees to connect, interact, share feedback and do a lot more in real time.

“The way people work today is social, mobile, and in the cloud. We are helping enterprises to rewire themselves from the inside, and that includes a commitment to developing great mobile applications.”

– Rypple co-founder David Stein

Rypple’s free Android app fits naturally with the way work happens today. Users on the dominant Google platform can check Rypple’s social feed for the latest company news while waiting at the airport; update teams in real time on the status of a pending code freeze; or post a public ‘Thanks’ to the colleague who just helped win a major account, stated Rypple in a press note.

Rypple Android app is available for free in Android Market with three different service models.

  • Freemium – Provides basic capabilities
  • Premium ($5-per-user-per-month)  – Includes access to Rypple’s real-time peer feedback, one-on-one coaching, and recognition applications
  • Phenomenal ($9 per-user-per-month) – Includes Rypple’s rapid performance review application, Loops, Social Goals 2.0, and extensive support, rollout, and integration into existing company work systems.

Check out this cool video to understand Rypple and how it helps in overcoming challenges of modern workplace.

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