Samsung Galaxy S III to launch around May, be 7mm thick

According to the latest set of rumors running around, Samsung Galaxy S III could launch around May. It is not all; company is planning to follow up S3 with another seven-eight variants of the phone this year.

A report in Korean publication ETnews, which is citing industry sources, states that Samsung plans to keep S III just 7mm thick. Company is putting 10-20pc thinner parts inside the phone to keep it as thin as possible. Camera is still likely to be the bump on this thin body. Publication claims that Samsung Galaxy S III will come with Android 4.0, 8MP rear camera, front camera, quad core processor, HDMI port, and Super AMOLED Plus display (probably HD).

The follow-up variants of S III will have different characteristics, some with 3D display, some with S-Pen support and other slight variations including LTE connectivity. It is pretty common for Samsung to launch variants of its flagship and it has done the same with S II and original Galaxy S.

There is still no confirm announcement date till now, and everyone is still guessing after Samsung denied the release at MWC.

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