Android SDK updated to R17 with new features and bug stompers

Android SDK

Calling all Android developers! I wanted to let you all know that the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) has received an update. The newest revision (R17) brings along with it a number of bug fixes and some new and improved features as well. “Lint” and the emulator itself have both been tweaked to provided an improved experience.

Lint is a static checker which analyzes Android projects for a variety of issues around correctness, security, performance, usability and accessibility, checking your XML resources, bitmaps, ProGuard configuration files, source files and even compiled bytecode. It can be run from within Eclipse or from the command line.

While, I’m no developer, I’m surely excited to see an update for those who are. The more power given to the developers, the better the experience is for all of us end users. So, with that being said, check out the full changelog below and get ready for the next generation of Android development!


source: Android Developers Via: TalkAndroid

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