Galaxy S II ICS update coming on March 15, says Samsung Israel

The rumored March 1 release date for Samsung Galaxy S II ICS update has already passed and we are yet to see the update. Now, we are hearing from Samsung Israel that consumers in the country will receive the Android 4.0 update on March 15. This is the first official statement from Samsung stating a fixed date for Android 4.0 update for S II.  While, this is only valid of Israel, we hope that other countries don’t have to wait long.

We have already seen several ICS update beta version leaks for Galaxy S II and it is high-time that company released the final version to the users. Despite being the first company to get their hands on Android 4.0 source code, Samsung is yet to release ICS update for a single device.

Translated version of Samsung Israel Facebook post via Google Translate:

We promised that we’re working on it. You waited patiently. On 15 March it comes: the Android version 4, ICS, tens of thousands of the devices purchased GALAXY SII cellular companies in the country or directly from us.




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