HTC working with Facebook to make a custom phone for the social network

Another day and another set of rumours, this time is we are talking about the Facebook phone. It seems the fabled Facebook phone is back, and if we believe Digitimes, HTC is building it.

Tired of step-motherly treatment from Google after the Nexus One, HTC has decided to take the matters in its own hands and is working with Facebook to make a customised smartphone. Digitimes states that this phone will be running on Android but will integrate Facebook functions deeply in the device.

Facebook is expected to further expand its investments and sources of income after becoming a public company, and the launch of own-brand smartphones will be part of its development strategy, the sources told Digitimes.

Another interesting tidbit coming out of this report is that Samsung will continue to build Nexus smartphones. So, if you were hoping to see a Motorola or LG, or even Sony Nexus smartphone, you are out of luck.


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