Nexus S I9023 gets Android 4.0.4 OTA update in India

Samsung has started rolling out the over-the-air Ice Cream Sandwich update for Nexus S users in India. We have got multiple confirmations from several of our readers and also on XDA that the update is indeed available now. Based on Android 4.0.4 release, it will take your Nexus S I9023 GSM phone to the latest available software.

If you don’t see the update right-away, don’t worry, it will reach you Nexus S in the next few days. As this is an OTA update, you just have to wait for the update notification on your smartphone.

This update is valid for both Android 4.0.3 running and Android 2.3.6 running Nexus S units. Do let us know about your experience in the comments.

Thanks everyone who sent this in


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