Amazon to host press event on Sep 6, new Kindle tablet launch?

Want new Kindle tablets, you might be in luck as Amazon is hosting a press conference on September 6 and it is being speculated that company will showcase Kindle Fire successor at the event.

Since the launch of Nexus 7, both Barnes and Noble and Amazon are in pressure to launch newer versions of their tablets to better compete with Google’s 7-inch tablet.

As the press event is being organised by Amazon’s Kindle business, there is little doubt that we will see new Kindle hardware, but an improved Android tablet will surely be cherry on the cake.

A previous statement from US retailer Staples executive had suggested they Amazon might unveil more than one tablet devices this year including a 10-inch version.

The original Kindle Fire tablet was announced in September 2011 and had seen brisk sales in the initial months, but the sales have died down in the recent months. As the retail giant Amazon does not reveal the sales figure, we have no confirm way to know about the actual number of Kindle Fire units sold.


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