Motorola’s first Intel phone is revamped RAZR M – report

We all are excited to see what Motorola is going to showcase at its September 18 press event in London, but it seems we might have already seen in the form of RAZR M.

Yes, you read it right. UK Blog Pocket Lint is claiming that Motorola RAZR M will be packing an Intel chip when it launches in UK, and it has been confirmed by a Motorola spokesperson. The smartphone will be released with a different name, but rest of specs are expected to remain same.

We have already seen the Sep 18 event invites, and they talk about edge (edge to edge display?) and RAZR M does come with a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Advanced qHD edge-to-edge display

So, unless Motorola has something else up its sleeves, the Intel-Motorola event is going to have all the known entities. We sincerely hope that they do have.

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