Rumour mill already churning out Samsung Galaxy S4 rumours

Samsung Galaxy S III

We are still in Galaxy S III mode and its successor is already being talked about. While we don’t believe any of what is being reported right now about Galaxy S4, but it is worth mentioning.

According to a report in Korea Times, Samsung Galaxy S IV will make its debut at Mobile World Congress 2013 and is likely to go on sale in March. Considering how Samsung went along with S III this year, we don’t think that even Galaxy S IV will be launched at MWC.

On the other hand, there are no other details available right now. Korea Times does speculate that we might see a 5-inch display on S4 but that is pure speculation and no basis to it.

Korea Times also states that S4 will more powerful than S3; well even a fool can speculate that. We would say wait for few month or at least till the next version of Android to release, to get any credible rumours or leaks regarding S3 successor.

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