Google releases new developer console; brings improved navigation & APK upload

Google has rolled out a redesigned and improved version of Google Play Developer Console today. Available right now for everyone to try; this is not a finished product and company is adding new features but Google wanted early feedback.

What’s new in the Developer Console preview?

  • Updated look and feel
  • New publishing experience, ability to compare new and old APK versions
  • Create store listings in more languages
  • Statistics on user ratings and reviews
  • Updating your app in the new site makes automated store listing translations available to users on the web

What is coming soon in the redesigned dev console?

The following features are not yet supported in the new Developer Console. If you need to use these features, you can click “switch back” at any time to use the old Developer Console.

  • APK Expansion Files
  • Multiple APK support
  • Announcements
  • IE9 support
  • Partner channel

More on the Dev console preview here

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