LG Optimus G has a locked bootloader

lg-optimus-gLG has confirmed to Android Central that their flagship Android smartphone Optimus G does not have an unlocked bootloader. LG, which was initially open with all this, has started locking its devices pretty tight recently.

After LG Optimus 4X HD and Vu, this is the third high-end Android phone from the company to have a locked bootloader.

It is certainly a dampener for Android modding community, as a locked bootloader makes it pretty hard to flash custom ROMs, although time and again we have seen devs coming out with some or the other workaround, but an unlocked bootloader is still preferred.

Here is LG’s statement to AC’s Jerry Hildenbrand

Hi Jerry,

The Optimus G doesn’t support an unlocked bootloader.

Looks like, we will have to go for upcoming Nexus 4 to have all the freedom and still get the benefits of Optimus G, as Nexus 4 is based on the same smartphone.

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