Samsung confirms theft of 1,400 Galaxy Note II units from Malaysian airport

Samsung today confirmed to the Korean publication The Chosun llbo that the recent reports of Galaxy Note theft in Malaysia were true and 1,400 units of this popular smartphone were stolen from a cargo depot at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia on October 20.

The smartphone was launched just a day before the heist in the country and the lost units are reportedly worth $1.1 million.

According to Samsung, local police is investigating the theft, but the chance of recovering these units is very slim.

Unofficial reports suggest that only white units of the smartphone were stolen and a list of the IMEI numbers of these stolen units is also available online.  So in case any of our Malaysian readers comes across any too good deal for Galaxy Note II, please check the IMEI number or the colour of the smartphone before purchasing.

Samsung Galaxy Note II is the successor to company original Note and comes with improved S-Pen stylus and host of other nice features.

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