Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update reaches UK unlocked units and more

After rolling out to carrier-locked Galaxy S III unit, Samsung has now started rolling out Android 4.1 update for unlocked units in UK. The update release isn’t just limited to UK; Samsung has also reportedly started the update process for unlocked S3 owners in Switzerland, and Luxemburg.

Company has already released the Jelly Bean update for unlocked S III devices in Germany, France, Spain, Poland and Sweden.

For certain carrier-locked units, the Android 4.1 update roll-out has started on Wednesday in Denmark (Three), Bulgaria (Mobiltel), Romania (Cosmote), Ireland (Meteor, Vodafone), Czech Republic (O2), Sweden (Tre) and Croatia (Vipnet).

Samsung Galaxy S III, which is already in over 20 million hands, is Korean manufacturer’s fastest selling smartphone and was released with ICS on-board. Company has been pretty fast in rolling out the Jelly Bean update, but various Asian countries are still waiting for JB update including India.

With newer Android 4.2 set to be announced in next four days, Samsung has a mammoth task in front of it.

Via AP


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