Sony PlayStation Mobile store live for select Android devices, no love for India

As promised, Sony has made the PlayStation Mobile store live with over 20 games and more coming later in the year. The store brings support for various PlayStation certified devices including tablets from Sony and HTC One series smartphones.

Company had also revealed that it will be including Fujitsu and Sharp into the PlayStation certification program, so soon Android devices owners from these two manufacturers will also be able to get gaming content from PlayStation mobile store.

Supported devices at launch:

Right now, the following phones, tablet are supported for the PlayStation mobile store

  • Sony Xperia Play
  • Sony Xperia Arc
  • Sony Xperia S
  • Sony Xperia SL
  • Sony Xperia Ion
  • Sony Xperia Acro
  • Sony Xperia Acro HD
  • Sony Tablet S
  • Sony Tablet P
  • HTC One X
  • HTC One S
  • HTC One V

No PlayStation Mobile store for India

The service is available in nine countries at launch including Japan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Australia with more countries expected to follow soon. As you can see, India is not part of this list and Sony India has also not stated anything on when can be expect the service to be available in India.

Games in PlayStation mobile store at launch

  • Super Crate Box
  • Flick Hockey
  • Beats Trellis
  • Wipe!
  • Nyoqix
  • Twist Pilot
  • Defender
  • Underline
  • Samurai Beatdown
  • Beats Slider
  • Loot the Land
  • Frederic – Resurrection of Music
  • Incurvio
  • Hungary Giraffe
  • Tractor Trails
  • Word Blocked
  • Magic Arrows
  • Everybody’s Arcade
  • Numblast
  • Rebel
  • Fuel Tiracas
  • Aqua Kitty

“SCE will further accelerate the expansion of PlayStation Certified devices and continue to collaborate with content developers to drive the delivery of compelling entertainment experiences through PlayStation Mobile,” noted Sony in a past statement.

You can grab the store client from here, and let us know if it works on your device.


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