US appeals court reverses sales injunction on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

A US appeals court has overturned the preliminary injunction on the sales of Galaxy Nexus today, reports Reuters. The court also sent back the case to the lower court, which had earlier granted the injunction to Apple.

Previously, Apple has filed a lawsuit in California court alleging that Samsung Galaxy Nexus infringes on eight of its patents, and the court granted a preliminary injunction, banning the sales of Galaxy Nexus in the country. But soon, Samsung got a relief from the appeals court, which put a stay on the injunction, thus allowing the sales. The appeals court stated that the district court in California “abused its discretion in entering an injunction.”

According to AFP, appeals court said that Apple must show not only that it would suffer “irreparable harm” but “establish that the harm is sufficiently related to the infringement.”

“In other words, it may very well be that the accused product would sell almost as well without incorporating the patented feature,” the court said.

Now, the appeals court has reversed the injunction. The case will go back to California court, which will now decide the future course of action.

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