Google TV software update to bring voice search, improved content discovery

Google has announced that company is bringing a new software update for its Google TV devices this week. The new update will bring voice search and makes content discovery on Google TV even faster and easier, noted the Google TV team on the official blog.

The update will be initially available to LG devices this week and will later roll-out to other devices.

Voice Search

One of the main additions in this new update is “Voice Search.” Integrated right into the heart of Google TV, the new voice search functionality gives you access to all your content by simply using your voice.

According to Google:

Just speak to watch TV shows and movies, start playing a YouTube video, open applications, go to websites, do a Google search, and much more. Say “CNN” to go right to the channel, or say “Homeland” to see all the live and streaming options to watch the show. You can even say “how to tie a bow tie” to watch an instructional YouTube video. Try “search movies with Jeff Bridges” and see results in our new, more visual search results page.


Need more content, the new software update has got you covered.  PrimeTime is a new app that makes content discovery easy, and it can by access from anywhere on your Google TV.

Google explains:

Easily access PrimeTime anywhere in Google TV and browse for something new while you watch. You can quickly flip through the best stuff on live TV, access your favorite channels, see TV shows you recently watched, and find other suggestions based on what you enjoy watching.

You can see both the features in action in this demo video:

In other news related Google TV, Google has updated the YouTube app on Android and Google TV, you will be able to pair your smartphone with your TV and play any video from your smartphone’s Youtube app on your TV with just a tap.

Company has added a new icon, which is present on every video playback page, you can just tap that and your video will stop playing on your Android device and start on your TV.

Google adds:

We’re making it even easier to play videos from your phone or tablet on your TV, with a YouTube app update for Android and Google TV that automatically pairs your devices on the same WiFi. Just find a video on your YouTube app for Android — like the latest video from GoPro or H+ The Digital Series — click the TV icon that appears, and the video will play instantly on your Google TV.

You can also use the Youtube app on your Android device as a remote- you can pause, scroll or skip to the next video.

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