Dragon Mobile Assistant gets new features, but still US only

Nuance has announced today that its Dragon Mobile Assistant for Android now includes several new features along with the support for devices running Gingerbread. This will make Dragon Mobile Assistant compatible with millions of more devices.

According to Nuance, Dragon Mobile Assistant users will now be able to play music, set their alarm and open other applications just by speaking.

“Simply say “Hi Dragon,” and from there the technology of the mobile interface disappears as people can simply speak to send text messages, make calls, set appointments, and now set the alarm, play their favorite song, or get instant access to apps including games, navigation, and more. People can say “Set the alarm to wake me at 6:30 AM,” “I want to listen to Aerosmith!” or “Open Angry Birds.” And when set to its always-listening Driver Mode, Dragon’s personal assistant experience is completely hands-free,” company noted in a press release.

Dragon Mobile Assistant is currently available in beta for free on Google Play in the US.

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