Facebook Messenger for Android now allows non-Facebook users too

facebook-messengerYes, that’s right. You will now be able to use Facebook Messenger for Android without actually needing a Facebook account. It is also the first product from the company that is open to people without a Facebook account.

Whatsapp buy-out rumours might be wrong, but Facebook is surely trying to make a Whatsapp competitor out of Facebook Messenger by allowing anyone with a name and phone number to use Messenger app.

Company noted in a press note:

Starting today, you can create a Messenger account with just your name and phone number, and start messaging your mobile contacts.

Just install the app and tap Get Started to reach your contacts faster, start group conversations, share photos and more.

An update to Messenger for Android is available today, and Messenger accounts will become available over the next few weeks.

This update will initially be available in a limited set of countries including India, Australia, Indonesia, Venezuela, and South Africa, but soon be rolled-out to other countries as well.


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