Blackberry Z10 vs Google Nexus 4 vs Apple iPhone 5

BlackBerry today announced that launch of BlackBerry 10 operating system as well as the first two BB10 powered smartphones “Z10”, “Q10”. This Canadian company is betting a lot of the current OS and the smartphone as it is already more than late in the smartphone wars and it BB 10 does not click with the consumers, the rumours of RIM planning to see handset units might turn out to be a reality.

As the new BlackBerry OS will directly be competing with Android and iOS in the smartphone, we thought it was a right time to at least compare the new BB 10 based Z10 with the Nexus 4 and iPhone 5 based on its specifications.

In the cursory look, Z10 does look decently featured, but a lot will depend on the software features.

So, here is the spec-based comparison between BlackBerry Z10, Google Nexus 4 and Apple iPhone 5.[table id=57 /]

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