Samsung plans to bring Music Hub to non-Samsung devices

Samsung is reportedly planning to extend its Music Hub service to hardware from other manufacturers too. Music Hub, which is a complete package includes ability to upload your entire music collection to the cloud as well stream content from Samsung’s catalog or purchase music from the Music Hub store.

Music Hub is currently available as a pre-installed app or via Google Play to select devices like Galaxy S III, Note II in six countries. Company wants to both increase the number of supported countries and supported devices, which can also include devices from other manufacturers.

TJ Kang, SVP for Samsung Media Services told The Next Web:

Initially, the plan is for Music Hub to come to Samsung’s own phones, tablets, smart TVs and potentially even other devices such as its Android-powered connected refrigerator. Music Hub is currently available in six countries but its geographic reach is set to be expanded during 2013.

However, he acknowledged that customers tend to own hardware from a variety of manufacturers and that expanding Music Hub to support these devices would make life easier for them.

As the service is already available on Google Play, expansion to other geographies or ore devices will not be an issue. However, given the rating of Music Hub on Google Play, not everything looks hunky-dory, Samsung will also need to work on the service to make it more user-friendly and better.

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