Google Now widget spotted on Nexus support page

Looks like Google is soon going to release a widget for Google Now. Spotted on Google Support page today (page removed later), the widget provides basic information as per your Google Now preferences.

It is most likely to be released as a part of next Google Search app update, which should be arriving in the next few days.

There was not much information given on the support page regarding this widget, but as we can see in the image spotted on the same, the widget is likely to show weather information, travel time to work/home, stock quotes. We are also expecting to see birthday reminders, team scores and other similar information, which is normally given by Google Now.

If you don’t already know Google Now was released as a part of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Android. It shows information relevant to the users when they need it. If you want you can read more about Google Now here.

In related news, Google had recently aired a commercial during Grammys broadcast for Nexus showing off Google Now features.


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