NVIDIA shows off Tegra 4i, Phoenix dev phone in video

phoenix-demoNVIDIA has released a small product demonstration video for company’s recently announced Tegra 4i chip with on-board LTE and Phoenix reference smartphone. The first devices running on this new chip are expected to be released later this year.

Codenamed Project Grey, Tegra 4i is company’s first processor to come with integrated 4G LTE modem. The lack of integrated LTE modems has cost NVIDIA significant business in the US and European markets as manufacturers opt for Qualcomm chips for their LTE phones.

In the last 14-18 months, we have seen LTE become a must-have feature for a smartphone in the west. 4G LTE networks are cropping up everywhere and it is only the matter of time that LTE becomes a mass market feature like 3G. NVIDIA surely does not want to be left behind, thus Tegra 4i, even though company had announced Tegra 4 – its flagship processor for 2013 – just last month.

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