Latest Chrome Beta brings data compression; syncs saved passwords

Chrome_for_Android_BetaGoogle has released a new version of Chrome Beta in Google Play late yesterday and it brings a couple of important features to the browser. According a blog post by the company, Chrome Beta version 26 brings experimental data compression feature as well as ability to sync saves passwords and autofill entries from the desktop version.

Google claims that the new data compression feature will help users get substantial bandwidth savings. “This feature is powered by a connection to a SPDY proxy running on Google’s servers, paired with content optimization performed by our open-source PageSpeed libraries, specifically tuned for Chrome Beta on Android,” Matt Welsh, Software Engineer & Mobile Web Performance Gearhead, Google noted in a blog post.

You can read Google’s Whitepaper on the feature for more technical and geeky details. Here is an example of the bandwidth savings in new Chrome beta.


To add more on the new sync options, if you are signed in to Chrome on your desktop, you can take your saved passwords and autofill entries to your Android phones or tablets (need to be signed in), however it will only work if you are using Chrome 26 or higher on both the ends.

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