Now, use Google Translate for Android offline with over 50 language packs

Google Translate for Android OfflineDespite 3G and 4G networks reaching everywhere, data connections still remain unreliable in major parts of the globe, so it is always great to have apps that can work offline.  To help you with that, Google has now introduced downloadable offline language packs for Google Translate, so next time you want to translate something but don’t have data connection; Google Translate for Android won’t leave you out to dry.

With support for Android devices running on Gingerbread or above, Google’s offline language packs include 50 languages.

These offline packs aren’t the best that Google can offer you, but they should still be able to help you out in need. “You can select [Offline Languages] in the app menu to see all the offline language packages available for download. To enable offline translation between any two languages, you just need to select them in the offline languages menu,” noted Minqi Jiang, Associate Product Manager, Google in a blog post.

The new Google Translate for Android, which brings the offline language packs, also adds the ability to translate vertical text in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean with your camera.

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