Jelly Bean only Android version on rise, rest decline

android_platform_data_march android_platform_data_march_pieThe latest Android platform data numbers and in and they have an interesting data. As per the latest figure, Jelly Bean is the only Android version, which is gaining device share, rest all Android versions are going down. In fact, this trend has begun last month itself, but not clearly visible.

Android 4.1 and 4.2 are now present on 16.5 per cent of Android devices compared to 13.6 per cent a month ago.  Android 4.0.x has gone down to 28.6 per cent of devices, while Gingerbread is no on 44.2 per cent.

A single Android version might still take some time to cross Gingerbread, so Android 2.3.x powered devices are still going to top the Android distribution for at least next 4-5 months. If you combine ICS and Jelly Bean, then for the first time ever Android 4.x devices have more share than Gingerbread (45.1 per cent > 44.2 per cent).android_platform_data_march

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