Facebook Home hits 500,000 downloads, HTC One now compatible

Facebook Home Cover Feed and Chat HeadsFacebook Home has reached the 500,000 installs milestone in Google Play Store. This Android launcher from Facebook was released on April 12 in the app store for US Android users, followed by global availability on April 16.

The total number of downloads don’t really paint the right picture of the popularity of the app, as there is no active user installs number of Facebook Home. The total install counter increases every time someone has installed the app even though they might have removed it just after five minutes of using it. The reviews of Play Store listing are also an indication that there would be many users who did not like the app and uninstalled it.

The ratings in Google Play continue to be poor and have gone further down since we last checked. Now over 50pc of the Facebook Home users think that the app is worth one star. The average rating is now 2.2 for 11,038 ratings.

In related news, Facebook has silently added HTC One to the compatible devices for Facebook Home. The app until worked only on HTC One X, One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III, and Note II smartphones.

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