Facebook to put ads in Facebook Home, just not now

Facebook Home Cover FeedWell, this isn’t surprising at all. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed in Q&A session after the Facebook Home launch that there will be ads in Facebook Home one day, just not at launch.  There is no word on when this “one day” will come, but Facebook is likely to wait for a significant uptake of the Facebook Home before thinking of plastering it with ads.

“There are no ads in this yet, I’m sure that one day there will be,” said Mark Zuckerberg.  He further confirmed it when another technology journalist asked about advertisements in cover feed of Facebook Home. Another Facebook Home team member revealed that advertisement will be coming to cover feed, which is going to be the most visible section of Facebook Home.

“He described ads as another type of content, along with the friend updates and news Facebook has been trying to put front and center with its recent updates,” The Verge added in a post.

Facebook Home is set to become available in Google Play on April 12 and as a part of HTC First phone on the same day.

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