Acer teases new tablet, launching at Computex 2013

Acer is going to announce a new tablet at Computex this year. This tablet will apparently be able to do a lot more than just “running apps and browsing the web,” Acer claimed in a teaser video.

Given Acer’s history with tablets, we aren’t really excited much and it is most likely that the company will be launching a budget Android tablet with one of two odd new features.

The teaser hardly reveals anything but as the announcement is scheduled on June 3, we won’t have to wait for long.

In related news, Acer’s longtime rival Asus is also bringing something new at Computex 2013, The company has shared a teaser image on Google+, which don’t reveal much. So, we are pretty much in the dark. You can take a look at the teaser image below and in-case you are able to figure out something, do let us know in comments.Asus teaser

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