All Google Play developers can now reply to user reviews

Google Play user reviewsGoogle has announced that now all Google Play developers can reply to user reviews. The company hopes that it would strengthen the conversation between developers and users. It will also help developers in improving their apps, noted Google.

“We’re happy to announce today that all developers on Google Play can now reply to user reviews. You can reply to user reviews in the Google Play Developer Console, and your replies are shown publicly below the corresponding user review on Google Play. Users receive an email notification when you reply and can either reply to you directly by email, or update their review if they choose to do so — though keep in mind that users are not obligated to update their reviews. You can also update your reply at any time,” Ellie Powers of the Google Play team wrote in a blog post.

The reply to user reviews feature was first introduced to top developers back in June 2012 and has taken almost a year to reach all developers. Well, better late than never.

Google has also shared a set of posting guidelines for the developers; do check them before going on a reply spree on Google Play.

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