Flipkart offering 5pc discount on almost all Android phones & tablets [Deal]

Flipkart SaleOnline retailer Flipkart is running “The Big Offers Day” promotion today. Under which the retailer is offering 5 per cent discount on all Android smartphones (except HTC One and Nexus 4) and tablets. The discount is automatically applied on any device that you order today from the site.

Here are some good deals that you can grab today from the retailer:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4: INR 38,284 (listed price is INR 40,299)
  • Sony Xperia SP: INR 23,470 (listed price is INR 24,990)
  • Sony Xperia ZL: INR 34,190 (listed priced is INR 35,990)
  • Samsung Galaxy S3: INR 26,125 (listed price is INR 27,500)
  • HTC One X: INR 25,175 (listed price is INR 26,500)
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos: INR 18,525 (listed price is INR 19,500)
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro: INR 15,741 (listed price is INR 16,570)
  • Sony Xperia Z: INR 36,090 (listed price is INR 37,990)

These are just a few of the popular Android smartphones that you can buy with discount today. To remind, Flipkart currently sells over 150 Android phones, so if you were planning to grab an Android phone, you should capitalise on this opportunity.

On the tablet front, the site is offering 5 per cent discount on all Android tablets. SO, you can choose from some nice deals like the following.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 800: INR 29,355 (listed price is INR 30,900)
  • Nexus 7 3G 32GB: INR 20,899 (listed price is INR 21,999)

These are again just a couple of popular Android tablet out of the many that are on discount today at the site.


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