Google hires Noah Falstein as Chief Game Designer

Noah FalsteinTo work on Google’s rumoured gaming service?

If Noah Falstein’s Linkedin profile is any indication, Google has hired him as the Chief Game Designer last month. There is no word on what this gaming veteran is working these days, but we think – he is probably a part of the team behind Google gaming service that was spotted in Google Glass APK tear-down.

The APK tear-down suggested that Google is working on some kind of Apple Game Center and Amazon Gamecircle competitor, which will most probably be included in next Android version. We are not sure right now whether this gaming service will be released as a part of Android 4.3 or 5.0, however we would put our bet on 5.0.

Noah has worked with gaming studios like LucasArts, 3DO, and Dreamworks Interactive, but for more than a decade he has been working as a freelancer.

With his experience, he can surely be an asset for Google’s upcoming gaming service, but we wouldn’t know anything for certain unless Google makes the service official.

Looks like, Google are some interesting things in pipeline for Google 5.0, probably the reason why company delayed it and is expected to release a stop-gap in the form of Android 4.3.



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