Google introduces Play for Education, aims to take Android to classrooms

Google Play for EducationGoogle is taking Android to the classrooms by making it easy to discover, purchase, and distribute content through Google Play. In the same bid, the search giant has introduced Google Play for Education.

Google has already been trying to get into classrooms with its Apps and Chromebooks and now it want to use the popularity of Android to help it out.

With Google Play for Education, Google is giving educators an opportunity to provide better and connected classrooms, where students will have easier access to course material, apps and other content.

“Today we are excited to expand Google’s education offering by combining the ease and portability of Nexus tablets with highly engaging educational content. Through this new program educators will be able to manage tablets and discover, purchase, and distribute content through Google Play for Education–whether they’re in charge of one classroom or one thousand,” Google noted in a blog post.

What’s in it for educators?

  • Android tablets in the classroom: Educators can set up and deploy large numbers of devices in just minutes or hours rather than days.
  • Curriculum-based discovery: Quickly discover apps, books, videos, and other content—with many recommended by teachers and categorized according to familiar Core Curriculum standards.
  • Bulk purchase with institutional payment: Buy apps in bulk using purchase orders and other payment methods that are easy for schools to manage.
  • Over-the-air delivery to student devices: Push content instantly to student devices over the air. Also, send the apps to individuals or groups of any size, across classrooms, schools, or even districts.

What’s in it for developers?

  • Get discovered: If your app offers an exciting new way to learn sixth grade algebra, Google will make it easy for math educators to find, purchase, and distribute your app to their classes.
  • Reach more schools and students: Google has already built a strong network of K-12 schools who are already using Google Apps for Education and other Google services. These schools are excited and looking forward to bringing apps and content into their classrooms with Nexus tablets.
  • Monetize effectively:  Educators will be able to make high-volume purchases using standard institutional payment mechanisms and distribute them to the students they want, this bringing in more money for devs.

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