Google updates Play Books & YouTube for Google TV apps

Google Play BooksGoogle has released application updates for Play Books and Youtube for Google TV in Google Play today. These updates bring several new features to both the apps.

Talking about Google Play Books first, this is a major update for the app. With this update, Play Books now adds support for reading users’ own EPUB, or PDF files, which was earlier missing.  The company has also refreshed the design to put it in sync with other Google applications.

Google Play Book full change-log v2.8.61

  • Support for reading your own PDF or EPUB files. You can upload the files through our website, and read them on all your devices.
  • Refreshed design including the library, Table Of Contents view and the recommendation page at the end of books.
  • A confirmation dialog to prevent you from accidentally un-downloading a book.
  • Stability and performance improvements.

Coming to Youtube for Google TV, Google has added a new home-screen interface on the app along with support for paid subscriptions that were recently introduced by the company.Youtube for Google TV

Youtube for Google TV full change-log v1.7

  • New home screen interface.
  • Enhanced video playback controls.
  • Support for paid subscriptions.

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