Image taken from Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom’s 16MP camera appears online

Galaxy S4 Zoom ImageThe first alleged image taken from the rumoured Galaxy S4 Zoom SM-C101 camera phone has appeared online. As you can see in the EXIF data, it has been edited on Snapseed, so we can’t really take the image quality as the real quality of Galaxy S4 Zoom camera but it still gives an idea. Also, the image has been resized, so it does not confirm the maximum supported image resolution by the camera sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is a variant of the company’s flagship Android smartphone – Galaxy S4 and is reportedly coming with a 16MP rear camera instead of 13MP in S4. The phone is also rumoured to support 10x optical zoom.

As the image is uploaded by one Shahriar Hossain (who works at Samsung Electronics), the chances of it being a credible leak have increased many folds.  EXIF can surely be faked but why will a Samsung employee fake EXIF data of an image to make it look like taken from an unannounced phone – we don’t see a reason.

Recent reports had put the S4 Zoom announcement around May-end and it certainly looks possible now.

PS: The image has been removed since the original report.

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