LG holding a press event on May 30, China launch of Optimus G Pro?

LG InviteLG is sending invites to the tech media for a press event in Macau on May 30. As you can see in the invite image below, the company plans to launch an Optimus G-series smartphone.

If the phone side-view shown in the invite is any indication (it looks exactly like Optimus G Pro side) we are going to see the China launch of LG’s Optimus G Pro smartphone.  Several tech blogs are speculating the Optimus G2 announcement, which is highly unlikely as G2 is rumoured to pack Snapdragon 800 processor but the chips haven’t still gone in mass production. Now, why would LG want to announce a smartphone that is months away from actual release.

LG Optimus G Pro has been released in only select countries right now including US, South Korea and Japan, so it is very plausible that LG wants to introduce G Pro now in China, which is the biggest mobile phone market in the world. Anyways, May 30 is just 20 days away and we will soon get the official version.

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