Now, set Google now reminders via Google Knowledge Graph

Google Knowledge graph remindersAndroid users now have another way to add Google Now reminders. Suppose, you were searching for an upcoming movie in Google Search on your desktop, the knowledge graph data that is shown on the right of the search results, will now allow you set reminders for the movie release date in Google Now.

This features not only works with movies, but also with holidays or other important days.

This reminder feature seems to have been activated very recently, probably as a part of Google’s recently announced search improvements and currently works in searches. Google will probably be rolling out the functionality in country-specific domains in the coming months.

You can also add reminders in Google Now, by using “add reminder” command on your Android phone/ tablet, it was introduced in the recently issued Google Now update. To view all of your upcoming and past reminders, go to Menu > Settings > My stuff > Reminders.

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