CyanogenMod 10.1 stable now available over 40 devices

CyanogenMod 10.1CyanogenMod team has now released the stable build of CM 10.1.0 release for over 35 devices. Now live on, ROM Manager and via CM’s inbuilt updater, the build is based on Android 4.2.2 and brings several other goodies to the Android users.

CM Team has also revealed that now 10.1.0 stable is done, it will continue with the M-release cycle and add more features including the likes of Privacy Guard that allows users to run apps in incognito mode for better privacy.

All the devices that had received the RC release in the previous weeks will be getting the stable version but don’t expect more device getting 10.1.  Other notable omissions include Tegra 2 powered devices and some of the Exynos-powered devices.

CM team will share more details on the future of these devices later this week.

Devices getting CM 10.1.0

  • A700: Acer Iconia Tab A700
  • Captivatemtd: Samsung Captivate
  • Crespo: Google Nexus S
  • crespo4g: Google Nexus S 4G
  • d2att: Samsung Galaxy S III (AT&T)
  • d2cri: Samsung Galaxy S III (Cricket)
  • d2mtr: Samsung Galaxy S III (MetroPCS)
  • d2spr: Samsung Galaxy S III (Sprint)
  • d2tmo: Samsung Galaxy S III (T-Mobile)
  • d2vzw: Samsung Galaxy S III (Verizon)
  • e975: LG Optimus G
  • endeavoru: HTC One X
  • epicmtd: Samsung Epic 4G
  • galaxysmtd: Samsung Galaxy S
  • grouper: Google Nexus 7 Wi-Fi
  • i9100g: Samsung Galaxy S II (OMAP)
  • maguro: Google Galaxy Nexus
  • mako: Google Nexus 4
  • manta: Google Nexus 10
  • odroidu2: ODroid O2
  • otter: Amazon Kindle Fire
  • otter2: Amazon Kindle Fire 2nd-Gen
  • p5100: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 3G
  • p5110: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Wi-Fi
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Wi-Fi
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 3G
  • p760: LG Optmus L9
  • p880: LG Optimus 4X HD
  • p930: LG Nitro HD
  • steelhead: Google Nexus Q
  • su640: LG Optimus LTE SKT
  • tf700t: Asus Transformer Pad Infinity
  • tilapia: Google Nexus 7 3G
  • toro: Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Verizon)
  • toroplus: Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Sprint)
  • vs920: LG Spectrum
  • yuga: Sony Xperia Z
  • odin: SOny Xperia ZL
  • mint: Sony Xperia T
  • tsubasa: SOny Xperia V
  • pollux: Sony Xperia Tablet Z

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