Jelly Bean now on 33pc Android devices, inches closer to Gingerbread

Android version data for juneGoogle has released the latest Android platform version numbers and there has been a decent jump in the number of Android devices running Jelly Bean. As per Google’s data, Android 4.1+ versions are now present on 33 per cent of the devices, just below Gingerbread’s share of 36.5 per cent.

We are pretty sure that by the time next set of data comes, Jelly Bean would have become the top Android version globally leaving Gingerbread behind.

Among other Android versions, Ice Cream Sandwich continues to lose market share as more and more devices are getting updated to Jelly Bean. It now stands at 25.6 per cent.  Donut and Honeycomb Android versions are almost extinct with presence on just 0.1 per cent of the device and Éclair is on its way to join them. Froyo is still struggling with its 3.2 per cent share.

Check out last month’s data here.

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